Smart meters are the future

Meters with remote reading features are the meters of the future.  Data on your electricity consumption is entered automatically into our energy billing system. No special readings are required and estimates will be a thing of the past. You only pay for what you use.


Smart meters are often the first step in smart development. Smart utilities are built on smart metering and increased automation of systems.



Potential benefits of smart meters

  • No traditional meter readings
  • Regular digital transfer of high-resolution data (one to four times an hour)
  • Billing for actual consumption rather than estimates
  • Informed consumers, decreased customer service workload
  • Simpler transmission and billing processes (remote disconnections)
  • Instant data on power supply disruptions
  • Supply quality monitoring
  • Condition and fault analysis
  • Price control, to help level out usage patterns
  • Participation in grid management with electric cars, batteries or energy production
  • And much more, both expected and unexpected