Mission and values

Our mission is clear

To be Iceland’s best-operated distribution company


  • We provide our customers with first-class services and want our products to be of outstanding quality, fairly priced and delivered reliably and securely
  • Continuous improvement and reliable operations are our focus
  • We operate in full accordance with legal requirements and a certified management system
  • Our staff are professional, systematic, eager and show initiative in their work, and their main goal is to satisfy our customers
  • We emphasise the importance of adult education, continuous training and good facilities
  • We create for our staff a safe, family-friendly, productive and constructive workplace. Staff satisfaction is the key to our success as a company and that of our staff
  • We engages in honest communication and flexible, efficient and well- coordinated working practices
  • We inform the community about our activities through our marketing and publishing work
  • We place great importance on the environmental and safety awareness of our staff
  • We strongly promote preventative and conditional maintenance to ensure safety, reliability and durability
  • Our goal is to create true value for our customers, our company, our owners and society as a whole

Our values

Our customers can rely on receiving quality products and services. Our suppliers and other clients can also be sure that we will honor our agreements. We’re honest, professional and conscientious in our work, and integrity is always our greatest priority.
HS Veitur respects its customers and colleagues. We stand by our word and are respectful to others. We strive to gain our customers’ trust, avoid conflicts of interest and operate in accordance with proper and sound business practices in harmony with the environment and the community.
HS Veitur will do its utmost to be at the forefront of service and innovation. Our decision-making should be swift and efficient, and our execution even more so. Our staff are focused on improving in their work and being leaders in their field through progressive, professional and outstanding working practices.