Distribution system in Vestmanneyjar

We distribute electricity, hot water and freshwater in Vestmannaeyjar

Electricity supply

Electricity is supplied from the mainland via two submarine cables that are routed to the company’s substation in the Westman Islands, and from there to the municipal distribution network. We distribute electricity almost exclusively via underground cables, so the electrical distribution system is hardly visible except for substations and street cabinets. This infrastructure minimises the effects of weather on distribution and provides maximum security of supply. We distribute electricity at several voltage steps: 33 kV, 12 kV and 400 volts.

Our prime and standby generators are located in the company’s generator room. These are seven Caterpillar generators with a capacity of around 5 MW.

District heating

We operate a district heating plant in the Westman Islands. The heat pump station has four sea pumps pumping 6–700 litres of 6–11°C seawater into an evaporator, where it is cooled down.  The energy generated by this cooling is transferred to the second heat exchanger, which heats the district heating water. In our heating facility, steam is produced in an electrode boiler which is used to heat the facility’s water. It is a dual distribution system, i.e. it has supply and return lines. Hot water is pumped via the supply line to homes and businesses and then pumped back to be reheated. There are two distribution networks in the town: an upper and lower distribution network. All hot water is charged for by metered volume.

Water supply

Water comes from two water sources in Syðsta-Mörk on the mainland. The water is pumped via submarine water pipes and from there to the distribution network. There are two distribution networks in the town: an upper and lower distribution network. All drinking water is sold through flowmeters and with an additional water fee.