Environment policy

We want to be environmental leaders

Protecting the environment and biota is in the interest of everyone. HS Veitur strives to always consider environmental protection in the policy making and future development of the Company and in its operations and tasks. The objective of HS Veitur is to bring modern quality of life to households, companies and municipalities by providing access to clean and renewable resources from energy companies.


Targeted efforts will be devoted to reforming the Company’s environmental policy and work processes, which will include examining previous experience, technological developments, research, customer needs and the expectations of society. HS Veitur is committed to ensure that the effects from the Company’s activities will cause as little disruption as possible to the natural state of things, equilibrium, human communities, animals and vegetation.
It shall always be endeavored to minimize disturbance to soil and inconvenience to people when work is carried out. Upon completion of a task, the site shall be cleared and left in an exemplary condition. In any work, completion of tasks and cleaning up afterwards, care shall be taken to ensure that the resulting environmental impact will be as low as possible.


The activities of HS Veitur shall be carried out with due consideration of the best ways in which to utilize resources efficiently, reuse material and technical equipment, when appropriate, as well as responsible disposal of waste. Efforts shall be focused on decreasing the generation of waste for disposal in landfills, and to direct waste material that is generated with the Company onto paths for recycling or processing to support the circular economy. Other waste and toxic substances are sent to refuse sites and waste collection facilities with valid operating licenses.


HS Veitur’s environmental impact management will be a part of the Company’s quality management processes.


HS Veitur strives to be an exemplary company worthy of emulation regarding how to treat the environment and coexist with nature.


HS Veitur will monitor the general development of environmental issues and strive, in cooperation with
foreign and domestic parties, to counteract negative impacts on the environment.


HS Veitur will strive to use the least environmentally impactful technology available at any time,
while taking feasibility into account.


HS Veitur’s environmental policy shall be communicated to staff members, and they shall be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion and development relating to the Company’s environmental issues.

HS Veitur attaches much importance to strengthening the environmental awareness of its staff and the public, by providing information and incentives.


HS Veitur will abide by current laws and regulations that apply to environmental matters and take into account international standards when it comes to controlling the effects which its activities have on the environment.


HS Veitur gives a presentation of the Company’s environmental policy to its contractors and, where applicable, demands reforms consistent with the Company’s policy from the contractors that work for and/or in the Company’s name. HS Veitur also encourages contractors and suppliers to introduce and demonstrate a responsible policy regarding environmental matters.


HS Veitur will assess the success of its environmental policy by establishing clear and measurable objectives and communicate information to staff members and relevant parties.


Policy approved 20.06.2022