Selection of electricity supplier

The sale of electricity is the part of the electricity business where consumers have a choice of which company they wish to do business with, regardless of where they live, and the consumer is obligated to select an electricity supplier.


Distributors are responsible for carrying power to the user within the distribution area.


After a consumer has announced or confirmed a transfer to premises within the distribution area of HS Veitur hf. or received a new electricity supply within the distribution area, they must have a business relationship with the electricity supplier with whom they choose to do business


If a user has been buying electricity from a single electricity supplier over the past three months, they are considered to have an active electricity supply agreement with that electricity supplier and they will not be obligated to recommit to an electricity supplier.


If the consumer already has an electricity supply agreement with more than one electricity supplier or has not been purchasing electricity from a supplier over the last three months then they must select an electricity supplier.


In order to enter into an agreement with an electricity supplier, the user of the electricity must contact the relevant electricity supplier by telephone, e-mail or submit a notification via the electricity supplier’s website.


The consumer can also decide to change electricity supplier if they choose to do so, and the process for this is similar for the relocation process. The consumer contacts the electricity supplier they choose to do business with and the electricity supplier will be responsible for executing the switch.


HS Veitur hf. has no shared interest with any electricity supplier and HS Veitur is not permitted to influence the consumer's choice of electricity supplier, such as by disclosing the rates or terms of individual electricity sellers.


It is important that the electricity consumer selects an electricity supplier and enters into an electricity supply agreement with that supplier. HS Veitur, like other local distribution facilities, is not permitted to deliver electricity to a customer who has not selected an electricity supplier.


The delivery of electricity will therefore be stopped if there is no electricity supply agreement between the electricity consumer and the electricity supplier.


On the website Aurbjörg, the consumer can find more information regarding the choice of electricity suppliers, including a comparison of electricity prices - see here


The following energy suppliers sell electricity to Icelandic homes and businesses:

Energy supplier



E-mail address


460 1380

HS Orka

520 9300

Íslensk Orkumiðlun

456 2233

Orka heimilanna

546 0033

Orka náttúrunnar

591 2700

Orkubú Vestfjarða

450 3211


422 1000

Rafveita Reyðarfjarðar


470 9096