Invitation to tender

As of 1 November 2018, all HS Veitur tenders and quotations are processed electronically via the HS Veitur tendering site. The tendering site has a list of all active tenders and quotations from HS Veitur.


The introduction of an electronic tender system is part of complying with the new legal and regulatory rules on electronic communications and information disclosure in procurement procedures for public procurement, cf. the provisions of Article 47 of the Regulation on procurement by parties operating in the water, energy, transportation and postal service sectors no. 340/2017.


Parties interested in taking part in procurement procedures are encouraged to register on the tendering site Instructions for registering new users on the HS Veitur tendering site


We encourage you to familiarise yourself with environment policy


Safety Manual


Health and safety requirements for contractors


Rules on conduct in water protection areas